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         On April 28th 2000,I never forget what happen that day, That morning,I go to work as usual,I hope that I can try my best to achieve Mr.Yang’s skill ,then I can afford for my brother’s tuition fee and give my parents a better life.

         Taking out a piece of plywood,taking measure,marking off,and then picking up the knife to cut the board,I did great care with a knife along the line opened slowly.this homemade knife is blunt,any time I am afraid of the blade will be stuck in the slot and diffcult to be pulled out.Speak of the devil here it happens.”click”the blade is broken,my wrist is painful gurgling blood continuously.

         Fear,panic then I lose consciousness no matter how I try to stop bleeding.When I wake up I am lying on the bed,Mr.Yang smile with me but he looks like crying,telling me how I was coma,and colleages send me to hospital after about 40 minutes.i was told to cut my hand is the only way to save my life, because of delaying a long time.The sky is falling and my mind go blank.I cry days and nights when I see my broken hand,thinking of the rest of my life will be hopeless,and I can’t afford for my brother and my middle-aged parents.Anytime I do remember that homemade cutter knife.

       Pick up where I left off,go on with my good life,do good things and good work,especially invent a safety and sharp cutter knife in case of people suffering like me.

       After 3 month,I leave the hospital,sharing Mr.Yang with my idea.I start to learn cutter knife’s production under Yang and other colleages’ help.Where are the good master,where do I arrive to.A few month later,my knife making technology is getting better,but still not up to the requirement of my mind.,then I come to a knife company with an Japanese engineer.He is moving with my determination and hard working,teaching me everything what he knows.

       Day by day,finally a sharp,utility cutter knife comes into the world,Haofengli cutter knife.I leave the Japanese enterprise,show the knife I made to Yand.He is pleased with me.”shua”,Yang break off a board easily. Tried every workers,all   said:”Haofengli,True effort”.I know I am successed!